Hello from the Other Side

We made it; we survived tradeshow season! With The Rental Show and CONEXPO-CON/AGG being less than a week apart, we’ve bad a busy first quarter of 2017 getting ready for, being at and then following up after these shows. Even if you’re not in the construction industry, I’m guessing you have that one time of the year that your marketing efforts are just rocking.

Now that we’re done with tradeshows, now what? It’s easy when we’re not running and gunning on our to-do list to become complacent, settle into our usual routine and enjoy the quieter moments. That’s great for a week or two, but as marketers, we thrive on pushing the limits — coming up new ideas, preparing for big events or developing content for new projects.

So, we really do need to be asking ourselves — and our clients — the question: “Now what?”

If you don’t have one on the calendar, it’s time to book a brainstorming session with the team. Set up an hour on everyone’s schedule and invite them to come with ideas about what comes next.

Once everyone’s in the same room, it’s important to collect their thoughts but not before you do a few activities to get the conversation going. Here are tips to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Get out of the office – take the meeting outside or offsite. A change of location can often mean a change of ideas.
  • Include decision makers in the meeting. Make sure at least one or more person in the room can act — vote yes or no — on the ideas being generated.
  • Keep writing materials in hand. Everyone in the meeting should come with a pen, paper or tablet in hand to take notes. Designate one person to take official meeting notes to share with the team after the meeting.
  • Act like your customers. Get in touch with what matters most to the people we’re communicating with. Make sure you understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of what is most important to your target audience(s).
  • Offer free thinking time. Bring up a bunch of ideas and then let the team go off on their own for awhile to marinate on those ideas, looking for ways to develop the ideas into more than just a single thought. Creativity breeds creativity.
  • Decide on the top 2-3 ideas to work on and close the meeting. It’s important to stop the conversation and be ready to move forward.
  • Schedule the next meeting. Once the top 2-3 ideas are out in the open, it’s time to schedule the next meeting to discuss the merits of these ideas, decide on the idea that is the best one to move forward with and to assign next steps.

It’s time to go out and figure out your “now what?”  Good luck! Please let Todd and me know if we can help in any way.