Download your copy of the Marketing Communications Roadmap for the Construction Industry

As you know, we believe that every brand has a story. And, developing each brand’s own “signature style” starts with identifying the brand's unique qualities, focusing efforts on key stakeholders and building core messaging to create an emotional response throughout the sales channel. Both Todd and I have spent thousands of hours brainstorming ideas for new product launches and customer events, helping to create clients’ annual advertising plans, working with creative teams to develop strategic marketing campaigns and assisting with brand development and strategy exercises gaining expertise to share with our clients.

Because we are so passionate about helping our clients’ businesses grow, we recently developed a Marketing Communications Roadmap for the Construction Industry as a way to help construction business owners drive sales opportunities and deliver results through a proactive marketing communications effort. The Roadmap is designed to give construction industry businesses insights into how a mix of tactics including public relations, content development and social media can attract customer prospects, funnel them through the sales process and influence purchase decisions of key stakeholders.

In our experience, a balanced marketing communications effort can reach more potential customers than a company’s sales team can alone. It can increase brand awareness, surround potential customers, drive customers through the sales process and influence purchase decisions. These initiatives are so important to a company’s overall business growth and revenue goals. Our clients have already recognized the huge importance of implementing a proactive effort, and we want to help others realize this too. 

The Roadmap is our first published piece, and we’re making it available free-of-charge to anyone who’s interested in it. To download your copy, visit: