Content works 24/7

Good quality content is often thought to be part of marketing, but truth be told it is the hardest working member your sales team. Why? Content doesn’t take breaks, it is always there when a customer has questions and needs information about your products and service. 

Whether your customer is looking through online articles or your website, you should always have quality content always available to your customer. 

What is quality content? 

Quality content answers all of your customers’ tough buying decisions: What makes your products and service better than the other ones out there? What kind of options do you have? How much should you expect to pay for this? What kind of warranty does it have? How do you qualify me for financing? 

Of course, those are the types of questions that most organizations would prefer to have a real-live person answer because companies are afraid of announcing too many details to the competition. However in today's content-driven economy, not making this information available will cost you sales and annoy your potential customers. Think about your own buying habits ─ your customers are no different than you. Let your content make your job easier and the buying process be less complicated for your customers. 

Where should your content be? Everywhere!

From having a content-rich website to having other websites feature your products and service, it's all important. If potential customers aren't familiar with your brand, a well-placed editorial placement on an industry publication website may be where they start. From there, customers will make their way to your site. After that, they may check out a few videos on your Youtube page or look for more project information on your Facebook page. And from there, you have the opportunity to engage with them on a more personalized level.

I bet I just described a lot of your own online habits, which is why it is easy to see why content is so critical to the sales process. My advice: Invest and content to make your sales team's job easier!