Key Ingredients for a Successful Tradeshow Press Kit

Tradeshow season — an exciting time of the year for our company and our clients!

What do I like the best? Here’s a few of my favorite things: Seeing clients in person rather than just talking with them over email or chatting on the phone… visiting with media folks about what’s going on with their publications…walking through exhibits and checking out new products and companies…events like Construction Writers Association’s annual reception…the list goes on and on.

If your job is anything like mine, in addition to all your other marketing/PR duties keeping you busy this time of year you may also be in charge of putting a press kit together to hand out at the next show.

The key ingredients to include in any tradeshow press kit is provide the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How to industry media about your company and its products and services. To make sure you don’t get too overwhelmed (or carried away) with tradeshow preparations this season, here are some tips for what to include in your company’s press kit:

  • Do include press releases about new and/or updated products and services, as well as announcements about company happenings and personnel changes. Don’t forget to include contact details (website, phone, email) that editors can use for follow-up questions and to get more information.
  • If your company is new to the market, do include a letter of introduction, as well as a company backgrounder (i.e. fact sheet) which should include a brief history of your business, bios on the executive management team and details on how to get more information.
  • Do include at least one high-resolution image (1 MB or larger) to accompany each press release or news announcement in your press kit. If you don’t have any high-resolution images available at show time, get the editors’ contact information to send the bigger images as part of your post-show follow-up efforts.
  • Do include spec sheets, product brochures and other relevant marketing literature on your company’s products and services.
  • Do include relevant technical articles (like white papers) and customer success stories (like case studies) to provide the media with more in-depth details on your products and services. Do encourage the media to share these materials with their readers!
  • Do keep your press kit’s packaging lightweight and simple — if your press kit is cumbersome or awkward, there’s a good chance it’ll get left behind.
  • Do make all files in your press kit available electronically and immediately — include a link to your company’s press kit on a FTP site or Dropbox folder to be sent to the editor’s email immediately following the visit. Many editors publish news daily from the show so to make sure your company’s information is included, get them the content ASAP!

Last, but not least, follow-up with each and every media representative you meet with during the tradeshow. Be sure to thank them for visiting your booth during the show, confirm that they received the press kit, provide them with any additional materials you promised them during their visit, invite them ask follow-up questions or for more details, and finally, encourage them to share the information in your press kit with their readers!