Shed the marketing “survivor mode”

Let’s face it, the recession forced most companies’ hands to make tough decisions that weren’t part of their growth plan: Budgets were cut, marketing programs were scrapped, great people were laid-off and many organizations were forced to close their doors.

If you were one of the lucky ones to have survived those dark years, it is ask yourself this question — have you and your organization shed that marketing “survivor mode” mindset and started focusing on growing again by setting new goals and taking bold new action?

Talk to an outside marketing professional

Now is the time to talk to an external marketing partner to get a different prospective. 

Perhaps you have a new product coming out in the next year and are tasked with working on a launch campaign. Do you really want to just do the same thing you’ve done before? NO! Be bold, be different — only then can you expect to achieve different results. And to accomplish that, it may be time to get outside of your company’s walls and network! 

Networking is easy


I was talking to a media rep couple of weeks ago about a small manufacturer that makes a great product, but no one outside of their current customer base knows about them. While the rep was in the area, he offered to stop in to visit with their marketing team to chat about market opportunities, but he was told that “they are too busy” to meet and to just drop off the media kit at the front desk.

The rep said it’s a typical response for a lot of very busy marketing people (I’ve used that excuse a few times myself).

It’s important for us marketers to remember that media reps travel the country meeting with manufacturers, distributors and customers in your market. They come armed with much more than a media kit. They have insights into your industry that no one else has. So, my advice is…TAKE THE MEETING!

Same goes with a call or visit from a marketing consultant or agency. They can do more for you than just try to sell you on their services. They can talk to you about industry trends, offer advice (hint: They work with other organizations that have similar problems) and help you brainstorm some fresh marketing ideas.

Talking with someone who understands your industry and how to effectively market in it doesn’t cost you a penny. TAKE THE MEETING!

Get to it

Want to shake things up in 2015? Ready to get out of survivor mode and into growth mode this year? If so, then return those incoming “sales” calls and emails. Accept that meeting invitation. Look forward to those booth meetings at your next tradeshow. Or if you like, you can always call me. I love to help. 

However you chose to do it, get to it — great things await!