Signature Style PR + Marketing is a brand developed by one simple desire: We want to help. 

In meeting and working with thousands of gifted inventors, entrepreneurs, storytellers and doers throughout decades of working in the fields of public relations and marketing, we’ve met a lot of passionate people that have needed help creating the right story to capture the attention of potential customers. And, we believe that effective PR and marketing initiatives are about telling that story.

To better understand why Signature Style PR + Marketing is the right fit for your PR and marketing needs, let us tell you a little bit of our story...

Amber Reed and Todd Versteeg met in 1999 when Amber was a PR intern at a construction equipment manufacturer, and Todd worked at the marketing agency that represented Amber’s company. We quickly realized that we shared the same drive and passion for our profession, the industries we’ve had the opportunity to serve and the best practices we’ve developed through real-life experiences along the way. We boast a unique working relationship that goes well beyond being co-workers. Our reputations and successes have been built on our ability to play off each other’s strengths, as well as our commitment to challenge each other daily to go beyond what we already know, and discover new ways and opportunities to grow ourselves and our clients.

Throughout the years, we’ve poured that same drive and passion into hundreds of collaborative projects, including targeted PR and marketing campaigns, new product launches, media and customer events and business development efforts. No matter what the project was, our philosophy remained the same — the result of each and every project had to be focused on helping our clients expand their business opportunities and grow market share. Guided by this philosophy, we began to build the foundation of Signature Style PR + Marketing. 

We started Signature Style PR + Marketing because we believe we can have a positive impact on our clients’ PR and marketing initiatives, driving opportunities and delivering results. Our difference is that we actively participate in the industries our clients serve, and through that participation, we have learned to care deeply about the issues and trends that influence and affect our clients each and every day. This knowledge gives us the ability to constantly improve the way we do business, as well as to offer our clients a level of commitment and understanding that goes beyond what they are used to receiving from outside vendors. It also enables us to be able to make the best recommendations possible and deliver knowledgeable marketing advice and insight.